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I want The Sound of Scars to become a movement; an idea; the foundations of a support structure for those trying to survive. I want this to be a chorus of healing and a symphony of love for all those who have been hurt or rejected. If I had the means, I would make this into a national movement. But I am only one person, and the only way ideas can make it anywhere is when they are free to be seen, to soar above titles, ownership, or petty human ideals, until they reach a point where they become an overwhelming sign of hope, empowerment, and safety.

YOU can help be that voice in the dark.
YOU can speak up.
YOU can help prevent emotional abuse.

Virtual Gallery Instructions - Please Read Before Continuing

The Sound of Scars tells the stories of those who have experienced an emotionally abusive relationship. It highlights the varied circumstances under which emotional abuse can be perpetrated, including stories from intimate partners, parents, friends, religious leaders, and more. The anonymous stories come from the diverse Rochester community, showcasing ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, and economic diversity. The gallery utilizes multiple mediums to create an immersive experience. There are seven stories handwritten alongside original music compositions, photography, and an important personal item.

To experience the full impact of each story, press the “Play” button on each page and begin reading the first part in the text below. At the story break, switch to reading the handwritten canvas. Click to zoom each section of the picture from the gallery. Once you have read the hanging canvas, continue to the next section.

Focus on the sensation of the music alongside the words. Notice the emotions you experience. Note any common experiences in your life or the lives of those you know. Consider the extent to which emotional abuse affects each of our lives and how positive relationships generate healing.

This is the Sound of Scars.

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